About The Course

Medical Disaster Response 2024

April 14, 2024

About The Course

MEDICAL DISASTER RESPONSE 2023 has been developed by the group that brings you Trauma, Critical Care & Acute Care Surgery. This course made its debut in 2008 and was an immediate sell-out. It is specifically for clinical personnel who, in the “heat of battle,” are trying to save patients’ lives and limbs, often with limited space and workers, while trying to quickly determine how to manage more patients than the facility can process. Whether it is an overwhelmingly busy Friday night or a full-scale mass casualty, the clinical personnel are on the front line. Course faculty are selected for their first-hand experience in medical disaster response, and the program is designed to present maximum content in formats most conducive to learning and audience involvement. Physicians, nurses, administrators, and others in the hospital and clinical arenas will, sooner or later, be faced with the care of multiple patients following a natural, terrorism, industrial, or other catastrophic event that might be considered overwhelming mass casualty or “disaster.” Many journals, courses, and event “model” disaster plans address infrastructure, supplies, causes, public health, and logistics. However, the medical/clinical aspects, the most important determinant of survival, are often overlooked. This course focuses on these aspects and targets the clinical personnel who are the first to receive the victims of a catastrophic event. Whether responding to a natural or man-made disaster situation, the roles of the individuals responsible for immediate medical response will be the focus. Every physician, nurse and administrator working in a hospital clinical setting has the potential to be called upon, without notice, to fulfill these responsibilities.


Attire for the meeting is business casual. Every effort will be made to provide a comfortable learning environment; however, meeting room temperatures are variable and may be difficult to control. The temperature is occasionally cool in the meeting rooms; therefore, a jacket or sweater is recommended.


All registrants will be provided with a name badge for use during the meeting. For security purposes, name badges are required at all times in the convention area. Individuals without a badge will not be permitted into the course rooms or exhibit hall. Lost badges will be replaced for a $20 fee.


  1. Develop strategies to meet challenges of triage, limited resources, ethical and moral risks, and coordinating multiple agencies in MCI situations
  2. Modify individual situation MCI and disaster responses based on data from past responses
  3. Discuss specific clinical response, including managing limited blood supplies, trauma bay violence, vehicular terrorist attacks, and the border health crisis
  4. Discuss ways to address the disconnect between institutional administrators and “in the trench” responders in MASCAL situations
  5. Discuss medical response and motorsport medicine

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